Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Spending Xmas and New Year in Orlando

Spending Christmas in a warm climate when you're used to being snuggled by the fire and it being frosty outside feels very strange! However, different is good and we were determined to celebrate our alternative Christmas in style!

So we spent our Christmas in the sun doing the following.

Relaxing on the beach:

Getting lost in Narnia!

Watching a magnificent sunset at Epcot:

Getting a Christmas caricature:

And generally doing the opposite of everything we would've been doing back home! I have left out the photograph of our failed attempt at making a Christmas dinner!

It was so nice to bring in the New Year in such gorgeous weather without being bundled in a winter coat. We headed to Pleasure Island in Orlando.

Where we partied all night, watched the fireworks whilst sipping champagne:

Met some great people:

And counted down to the new year!

If you are looking to spend Christmas or New Year in Orlando, be assured you will have a great time. It is nice to switch things up and enjoy the festivities in a tropical climate - one things for sure, next time you are shivering through the holiday season you will be pining for the sun filled days and humid nights of a Florida Christmas!

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