Thursday, 13 September 2012

I Love You Isle of Palms

Drenched in the South Carolina sunshine, we arrived on the Isle of Palms. The Isle of Palms is a barrier island situated on the coast of South Carolina.

We didn't have any hotel reservations, but we pulled up at a cute little motel and were in luck! They had a room available with a balcony with a view of the ocean. Heaven!

Check out the view:

The island is seperated from the mainland by the Intercoastal Waterway and its inhabitants are both vacationers who own holiday homes and year-round residents. The islands original inhabitants were the Seewee Native American Tribe.

After a great day on the beach, we headed over to the famous 'Windjammer' restaurant where they were having a clam bake. This turned out to be a really fun night with one local offering to take us out on his fishing boat the next day!

One thing that I really wanted to do whilst visiting the South, was visit a plantation home. We chose Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens in Mount Pleasant. It is an antebellum plantation and includes the colonial plantation house as well as slave cabins which I was really interested in seeing.

Heading up the driveway, known as 'Avenue of Oaks' of Boone Hall gave us an impressive taster of what was to come. Check it out:

The plantation was named one of the African American Historic Places in South Carolina. The plantation still operates as a working plantation and the house has featured in 'Days of Our Lives' and 'The Notebook.'

Another great shot from farther back:

I found the slave cabins the most fascinating and found it hard to believe that they used to live like this. It was very humbling to enter the cabins.

Slave cabins dotted throughout the grounds:

And the bare-bones interior:

The plantation house and the grounds exuded Southern charm and we spent a happy few hours touring the house and the stunning grounds. I could've gazed at the grounds all day, they were really beautiful.

If you do find yourself in the South, please take the time to visit one of the plantation houses. It will really allow you to step back in time and feel very humbled when viewing the slave cabins.

What is your favourite thing to do when in the South?

Whilst staying on the Isle of Palms, we stayed at The Seaside Inn (1004 Ocean Boulevard) - a very cute, beachy motel.

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