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As part of TravelSupermarkets #Beautyandthebeach campaign, this post will be all about beauty whilst on vacation or long term travel.

Indeed, some travellers believe this is not important, preferring the 'au naturel' look, while others wouldn't dream of leaving home without their mascara or hair straighteners! Everyone is different which is one of the reasons I love travelling so much - meeting such different people with different perspectives on things including beauty.

Personally, I'm in between the two - my hair is wild and uncontrollable without straightening irons and I always have some waterproof mascara on standby although I don't wear any other make up during the day while on vacation.

My #beautyandthebeach perfect hair is this (pictured with the bride):

Very natural, slighly tousled and easy to mantain while in a humid climate! This picture was taken in Tuscany, Italy at my best friends wedding. It was in August 2011 and very hot and humid. I wanted something soft, feminine and something that would work with the climate.

To achieve the look, I blow dried my hair straight, using L'Oreal mousse for a bit of lift at the root and curled the ends with a curling iron. I then fixed a jewelled headband in place to complete the look. This worked perfectly as my hair would usually go wavy anyway in the heat and this style lasted all evening - despite our raucous dancing until 5am!

My perfect vacation make up is this:

Still very natural as I am not a heavy make-up girl at heart especially if I am somewhere hot as I find it can slide down your face the more and more you sweat which lets face it - is never a good look on anyone!

However, I do like to make a little more effort in the evening when going out for cocktails! I created the look by applying a touch of Clinique concealer under each eye to get rid of dark circles. I then applied a cream coloured eyeshadow to my lids, followed by a combination of all of the colours in Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick. I added some  Max Factor mascara and a charcoal Clinique eyeliner to make the eyes 'pop' a bit more for the evening.

To create a smooth finish on the face, I used Elizabeth Arden mousse in 'Toasty Beige' followed by Clinique blusher and Estee Lauder bronzer. This photograph was taken in Greece where we went for some low key cocktails. It was nice to make a bit more effort than the make up free daytime look!

Now, nails is where I am not so natural! I love eye catching bright colours that really draw attention to the nails.

My perfect vacation nails are:

I was actually in the United States on vacation at the time of the Royal Wedding but I wanted to do something patriotic and decided to use my nails as a tribute to the newlyweds!

I applied a basecoat of blue and allowed that to dry before using a red to start creating the Union Jack. This was very fiddly so you do need a steady hand in order to achieve this! Once the red was dry, I used a nail pen (which is much easier for doing intricate patterns than a regular nail polish brush) and drew an outline around the red polish. And voila! It made me feel closer to the action when I was so far away.

What is your perfect vacation look?

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