Sunday, 14 October 2012

A snow covered Grand Canyon

When I picture the Grand Canyon, I picture it bathed in sunlight, set in an arid desert landscape. What I don't imagine is a canyon dusted in snowflakes with icicles hanging off the many crevices. But that is exactly what I got when I visited on a very cold Januay day and it was magical!

Snow covered or bathed in sunlight, the first glimpse of the Grand Canyon literally takes your breath away. The pure expanse and size of the seemingly endless canyon takes a lot of comprehending. At 277 miles long and a depth of over a mile, it is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

The majestic Colorado River carves through the canyon and for thousands of years the area has been inhabited by Native American Indians. I visited the South Rim of the canyon and hiked part of the Bright Angel Trail. The trail begins at Grand Canyon Village and descends right down to the Colorado River.

Most visitors to the park head to the South Rim as the North Rim is smaller and more remote. As well as being more accessible, the South Rim has more lodging and dining options. Grand Canyon Village contains lodging, a church, a hospital and access to trails and guided hikes and talks.

There are many viewpoints which can be reached via shuttle bus or by walking the Rim Trail which gives outstanding views of the canyon. If you are thinking of doing the Rim Trail I would also suggest additionally doing a trail that leads into the canyon - even if you only venture a little way down. Doing this will give two totally different perspectives on the canyon. Looking upwards from below the rim is an experience not to be missed!

Walking the Rim Trail will eventually lead you to Hermit's Rest, the westernmost point on the South Rim.

I had a really great visit to the Grand Canyon and one thing's for sure - I never expected to be throwing snowballs from the rim!


  1. Lovely post shared here with wonderful pictures.

  2. What a lovely place.............!!!!!! I am really thankful to you for this precious post and interesting information about stunning Grand Canyon. All pictures are so gorgeous of snow covered Grand Canyon. I am just curious to see this place soon after read your post.

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  5. The pics and the trip are very amazing. Keep going and its good to know the passion for travel.

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