Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Ottawa - a clean, crisp capital city

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and home to Canadian Parliament. It is situated on the banks of the Ottawa River and is the 4th largest city in Canada.

Unfortunately, we were only here for a short one night stay but I would have loved to have stayed longer. I found the city to be clean and fresh and the views were stunning on an icy but beautifully sunny day.

Our stop was the Canadian Houses of Parliament. Situated on Parliament Hill, the Houses of Parliament consist of 3 separate buildings arranged around a central lawn. The Centre Block contains the Senate and Commons chambers and the East and West Blocks contain ministers and senators offices.

The Centre Block is fronted by the Peace Tower. I thought the Houses of Parliament were very impressive and I loved the architecture, in all honesty, I preferred them to the Houses of Parliament in London.

We climbed the peace tower and were rewarded with amazing views on what was a perfectly crystal clear day. That evening we ate at The Keg www.kegsteakhouse.com and discovered that the waitress was originally from a town near mine back home and she had emigrated when she was 17. Small world!

I would love to come back to Ottawa when the canal is frozen and becomes an ice skating paradise! Apparently, you can skate all along the canal and stop for a snack known as a 'beavertail' which is a deep fried dough topped with sugar, cinnamon or chocolate!

We didn't even scratch the surface of Ottawa and I know I must come back as there is so much to see. That yummy sounding beavertail is reason alone to come back!

(We stayed at Ottawa Backpackers Inn, 203 York Street www.ottawahostel.com)

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