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Featuring your company or destination on a travel blog is an excellent way of promoting your business. Patchwork Travels is available for both press trips and independent location and accommodation reviews. With social media at its peak and set to become even bigger, a featured article on your destination is the best way to get noticed and attract new business.

Patchwork Travels can also provide travel writing services. Published work so far includes:

An Epic Road Trip Through Latin America for Travel Culture Mag.

Photograph of Italy selected for Picture the World Project, part of a photographic display for The Departure Board.
Patchwork Travels is a new travel blog but has very promising stats and viewing figures so far and is increasing rapidly.
For the first month of being live there have been 3950 page views and this is steadily increasing.
For further details on collaborative partnerships, guest posts and press trips please contact me at here.


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